Oli Shell Argina T 40 209L Drum

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Shell Oil

Specification of Oli Shell Argina T 40 209L Drum

Shell Argina S 40 Oil and Lubricants

Shell Argina S Oils is a combined cylinder and crankcase lubricant for medium rated high speed diesel engines operating on residual fuels in industrial and marine applications. This oil consists of high-quality, refined mineral base oil which incorporates advanced additive technology developed by Shell to meet the increasing demand of modern mid-speed diesel engines.


Medium speed marine or industrial drives and auxiliary engines burn residual fuel oil with a sulfur content of up to 2.5% by weight.
Marine engine reduction gears and for certain other board applications


Exceptional heavy fuel detergent
Provides unmatched protection against deposition of soot and heavy fuel contaminants in important engine parts

Superior thermal stability and resistance to oxidation
Provides excellent high-temperature deposit control and contributes to long oil life

Rapid neutralization of acid combustion products
Provides long-term protection against corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Extraordinary Retention of Total Base Number (TBN)
Provides protection during long oil drying intervals

Performance Specifications
Shell Argina S Oils enjoys a complete range of approval of Original Equipment Manufacturers through years of field experience and has a very good reputation with machine makers and operators.

Detergent and Basic
Shell Argina S Oils contains an advanced technology additive system that combines the most effective detergent that performs a multifunctional role in lubricants. First, detergent effectively controls the formation of deposits in hotter engine parts, for example in ring belt zones where the dirt of the piston and ring grooves by carbon deposits can cause rings and premature wear, increase speed and lose control of oil consumption. Detergents also help prevent buildup of lacquer and varnish deposits on piston skirts and less dense areas.

During the engine operation cycle, various contaminants enter the crankcase which include water, solid combustion products and residues from oxidative and thermal degradation of both fuels and, to a lesser extent, lubricating oils. Detergent systems have dispersant characteristics that reduce the risk of these contaminants forming cold and hot sludge in the crankcase and under the valve cover.

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