Oli Pertamina Termo 32 150

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Thermo Pertamina oil 32

TERMO 32 is a heat transfer lubricant formulated from high quality base oil and additives.
TERMO 32 has a relatively low viscosity that has a temperature characteristic on viscosity, good heat conductor and heat capacity.

Pertamina Termo oil is a type of lubricating oil produced by Pertamina, Indonesia's national oil and gas company. Pertamina Thermo oil is widely used in various industrial applications, especially in the heat processing sector, such as factories and machines that require lubrication at high temperatures.

Some characteristics commonly associated with lubricating oils such as Termo are:

Heat Resistance: Thermo Oil is designed to perform well at high temperatures. They can handle the heat generated by machines and equipment operating in extreme hot conditions.

Rust Protectant: These oil products also often contain rust protective additives, which help protect metal surfaces from corrosion caused by heat and moisture.

Quality: Pertamina oils are known for their high quality, and they often meet strict industry standards.

Application Type: Pertamina Thermo Oil can be used in a variety of thermal applications, including heating systems, frying systems, chemical factories, and more.

Operating Conditions: This oil is suitable for machines and equipment that operate in harsh conditions and at high temperatures, such as in the metal industry, chemical plants or food industry.

It is important to seek further guidance and information from Pertamina or other official sources if you want to get more detailed information about Pertamina Termo Oil products, including technical specifications, application recommendations and accurate usage guides.

Car oil
• Good oxidation and thermal stability that can extend the life of the lubricant.
• Provides better protection against corrosion, deposits and sludge to produce optimal system performance.
• Has good heat transfer capability.

TERMO 32 is recommended for use as a heat transfer medium for closed heat transfer equipment systems that require mineral lubricants, with operating temperatures up to 300⁰C.
TERMO 32 can also be used for open heat transfer systems where the maximum operating temperature is 180⁰C.

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