Agip Eni Therm 3 XT Oil

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12 Feb 2024
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Agip Oil Eni Therm 3 XT
Agip Ther Oil Is Used To Charge The Heat Transfer Unit. They Have Good Oxidation Stability
And Withstand Thermal Decomposition, Which Is Formulated From Carefully Selected Paraffins
Basic material . They Are Available In Two Classes.

Properties and Performance
1. High Quality Of Agip Therm Oil Ensures Resistance To High Degradable Temperatures, So As To Prevent Deposits And Formation Of Mud.

2. High-Grade Refining Prevents Deposits and Mud Formation During Operation, While Superior Quality Levels Ensure Thermal Stability Until Temperatures Where Cracks Begin.
3. Refined Paraffin Stock Bases To Ensure Good And Air Demulibilty - Separation Of Performance, Ensuring Proper Operation Of Heat Transfer Units, By Preventing Steam Formation And Air Bubbles At The Hotest Points.
4. Characteristics of Agip Heat The Therm Oil Is Still Practical Does Not Change While On Services, Due To Good Oxidation Resistance And High Temperature Stability.

Agip Ther Oil 3 Application Can Be Used In A Closed Type Unit By:
- Maximum Outgoing Temperature Boiler 295 Oc
- Maximum Wall Temperature Boiler 325 Oc

Agip Ther Oil 5 Can Be Used In A Closed Type Unit By:
- Maximum Outlet Boiler Temperature 320 Oc
- Maximum Wall Boiler Temperature 335 Oc

Agip Ther Oil Is Also Suitable For Open Type Units With A Maximum Temperature Of 150 Oc
(Agip Therm Oil 3) and 160 Oc (Agip Therm Oil 5).
Higher working temperatures reduce oil life, get closer to working temperatures
Temperature Cracks And Longer Conditions Continue, Shorter Life.
Agip Oil Therm Is Also Suitable For Textile And Glass Machine Lubricants Making, For
Screen Printing Printing Preparation in the Ceramic Industry, for Small Cutting
Iron And Non-Ferrous Parts, To Soak Plant Fibers And Oil Production Processes
Ceramic and Rubber.

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