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Oli Pelumas Pertamina NG-LUBE 30-40
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Sell Oli Pelumas Pertamina NG-LUBE 30-40

Specification of Oli Pelumas Pertamina NG-LUBE 30-40

is a high quality gas engine lubricant suitable for compression ignition and spark ignitant engines using natural gas fuel.

The NG-LUBE lubricant meets the qualifications of CF, Caterpillar, Waukesha Cogeneration and Dresser Rand category III APIs.

NG-LUBE lubricants are designed to have a very steady stability against oxidation and nitration, preventing the formation of deposits, overcoming wear and tear, corrosion and scuffing and neutralizing burned acids. Use of this lubricant will provide optimal protection for machines that operate non-stop every day.


NG-LUBE has the following special advantages:

It has high resistance to nitration and oxidation
Prevent deposits on piston groove and undercrown and combustion chamber.
It has optimum Ash content level (0.4% wt) to prevent wear on the valve seat causing valve guttering or torching.
Provides maximum protection against corrosion, wear and scuffing on metal.
Provides maximum protection against sparkplug fouling.
Has a small evaporation rate and has good compatibility against various types of seals.

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