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Oli Mobile VELOCITE OIL No.3
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Specification of

Oli Mobile VELOCITE OIL No.3

Mobil Velocite Oil Series premium performance products are mainly designed for high speed spindle lubrication in machine tools. They are also used in several hydraulics, critical circulation systems and airway oilers which match the viscosity of the selected class. They are formulated from high-quality select, low viscosity base oils and additives which provide good resistance to oxidation and protection from rust and corrosion. They have excellent resistance to foaming and easily separating from water.

The Velocite Oil Series car provides exceptional lubrication from close-tolerance bearings which helps keep the bearings running cold and helps maintain the precision needed by many critical machine tools today. Although the Mobil Numbered Velocite Oil Series oil is designed for shaft bearings, they show the properties needed to function low pressure hydraulic oil and circulate as long as the right viscosity is chosen. This feature can help minimize inventory costs and reduce potential product abuse.

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