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Lubricants Agip Oil
Lubricants Agip Oil
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Specification of Lubricants Agip Oil

Agip Lubricating Oil

Agip Power HD is a dual viscosity lubricant for gasoline engines. Agip Power HD has a thickness of 20W-50.

Advantages of Agip Power HD 20W-50 Lubricating Oil:
- Protect all engine parts from oxidation caused by high temperatures from use
- Flow quickly between the deepest engine parts to be lubricated
- Keep engine suspension clean
- Prevents corrosion caused by incoming air and brackish water
- Extends the life of the machine, especially parts that often move

The main function of Oils and Lubricants is to protect moving machine parts by preventing direct contact or friction of two related metals. Oils and lubricants have a variety of types, from various types have the same function, namely to prevent friction, cool the engine parts, improve the density of the piston with the cylinder wall, clean the engine parts, prevent rust on the engine components.

We sell various types of Agip Drum Oil and Lubricants for Industrial needs.

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