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Lubricating grease n lube mp 3
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Specification of Lubricating grease n lube mp 3

Grease Lubricating grease M Lube MP 3

Grease Lubricating grease M Lube MP 3 Grease or Grease is a lubricant for every moving car component such as bearings, hinges and ball joints. The purpose of using grease is to extend the life of the lubricated component. Because of the many types of grease on the market, the use of grease must be adjusted to the device to be lubricated. Moreover, every fat has a different work ability. Here are the types of fat according to their uses:

Grease from the basic ingredients of soap (lithium)
This type of grease is widely used in parts that require periodic lubrication such as wheel bearings, steering connecting arms, propeller shafts, king pins, pin pins. Therefore it is often called multipurpose fat.

- Characteristics: water spray and high temperature pressure will not reduce workability and durability.

Molybdenum Disulphidelithium grease
This type of grease is usually used on components that are rarely given lubrication such as ball joint, suspension arm, steering center arm, steering wheel, cross-joint, rack & opinion.

Rubbery grease
This fat is usually used for brake components.

Characteristics: made of vegetable material (rubber) so that it prevents floating rubber components.

Synthetic grease (synthetic lithium complex / hydroxy lithium complex)

sell Lubricating grease n lube mp 3 Grease, and other oils and lubricants such as Shell Lubricating Oil, Pertamina Oil, Motto lubricating oil, Gardus Lubricating Oil, and sell some other oil and grease products, for more information please contact us directly

Lubricants have a very important task to prevent or reduce wear or friction as a result of direct contact between two metal surfaces that rub against each other so that the wear of the gear can be minimally minimized, the energy coming out can cause friction from the heat generated by friction. reduced.

Grease Lubricating grease M Lube MP 3

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